The Aberdeen Catholic School System is accredited by the state of South Dakota.  This accreditation confirms the school system is in compliance with state laws and administrative rules, and has in place a comprehensive plan that promotes sound educational practices for the purpose of continuous improvement.

The Aberdeen Catholic School is also accredited by the AdvancedEd Association.  This voluntary Accreditation was developed more than 100 years ago by American universities and secondary schools. Accreditation engages the school community in meeting high quality standards, implementing a continuous improvement process, and engaging in quality assurance through an internal and external review.

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Continuous Improvement NCA Goals:

1.  All students’ math proficiency will increase.  The focus of this goal will be to improve students’ math application, problem solving and reasoning skills.

2.  All students and staff will experience a safe and welcoming environment that instills Catholic values and nurtures mind, body and soul.