Preschool is an integral part of most 3, 4, and 5 year olds' lives. We are fortunate to offer a quality preschool program staffed by qualified, caring adults.

Faith development plays a significant role in our curriculum. Daily blessings and teaching of the Catholic Church are incorporated into daily activities. Prayer is integrated into the start and end of each day as students learn and practice prayers.

Activities planned are based on weekly themes throughout the year using a hands-on, child centered approach in planning developmentally appropriate activities.

The activities allow children to learn or enhance their skills. A variety of playtime experiences including time for physical play, and sensory experiences encourage the children to develop and use their physical, social, emotional, communication, and creativity skills. 

LEARNING CENTERS are used in each preschool root and provide opportunities for the children to experiment, observe, explore, identify, communicate, and create.

Letters will be introduced each week for the 4-5 yr olds through visual and hands-on activities. Shapes, numbers, and colors will be integrated within the themes.

The Sonshine Patch uses a developmentally appropriate curriculum when planning for our preschool program.  We also incorporate daily blessings and the teachings of the Catholic Church into our planned activities.  The South Dakota State Board of Education recently adopted the South Dakota Early Learning Standards into the State curriculum standards.  The preschool teachers at the Sonshine Patch use these standards in the day to day activities planned to ensure that the children are receiving the best preschool experience to ready them for school.  If you are interested in seeing the standards, please let any preschool teacher know, or you can click here for more information.