Roncalli Junior/Senior High School

Welcome to Roncalli Junior High/High School!  I am happy to be serving as the Principal in addition to my duties as the ACSS President.  After a long career in public school systems from Texas to north central South Dakota I never imagined the rewards that would come from being in a Catholic School System.  

I believe strongly in the value and goodness of every student and in challenging them to be the best they can be.  We are gifted with a talented and hard working staff who join with me each day in achieving this goal.  

We work along with the parents/guardians of the 7-12 grade students to provide an secure atmosphere that focuses not only on academic acheivement but spiritual and emotional growth.  

There are good things happening at Roncalli and even more to come.  

We are Cavaliers.......We serve the King.

Jeff Simmons
Principal Roncalli Jr./Sr. High School