Making a Catholic education available to any family who chooses it for their child is a key goal at the ACSS. Scholarships are one of the most important ways by which we meet this goal.

Most scholarships are established as endowed funds that make annual scholarship awards from the fund’s earnings during the year. 44 scholarship funds offer more than 50 annual awards totaling more than $81,000.

Numerous generous donors have established the following tuition scholarships at Roncalli, which help students at all levels:

Aileen Goetz Memorial Scholarship
Brad J. Brummond Memorial Scholarship 
Brandon Lee Weiszhaar Memorial Scholarship
Juletta and Bud Smith Scholarship
Carole Maloney Scholarship
Cavalier Scholarship
Dan Lipp/Alumni Scholarship 
DeWalt-Johnson Scholarship
Edith VanOrman Scholarship                                                               
F.A.S.T Scholarship
Fr. Howard Carroll Scholarship        
Fr. James Wolf Scholarship
Frank and Helen Schultz Scholarship
Frank Schultz, Jr. Scholarship
Heintzman Family Scholarship
Hollis Hurlbert True Gentleman Christian Ethics Scholarship 
Howard "Mick" Donovan Scholarship
James F. Coughlin Memorial Service Scholarship
Jerald McNeary Memorial Scholarship                                             
Joe Lien Memorial Scholarship
John and Lorraine Evelo Scholarship 
Karl Eckrich Memorial Scholarship
Kenneth and Marjorie Beckel Scholarship
Krueger Family Scholarship
Leo and Joanne McGrane Scholarship
Margaret H. and Roger A. Schumacher Scholarship
Marvel Troske Music Scholarship
Michael and Philomena Schumacher Scholarship
Paxton Shafer Scholarship
Phyllis Jacobson Goodman Scholarship
Presentation Sisters Scholarship                                                          
Randall Family Scholarship
Sandy Dosch Memorial Scholarship
Sr. Mary Braun Scholarship 
Sr. Mary Mullally Loyola Scholarship                                               
Schiller Family Scholarship
Stan and Connie Siegel Scholarship
Steele-Respect Life Scholarship
Terry O'Keefe Scholarship
Tom Guhin Memorial Scholarship                                     
Tom and Margaret Morrow Tomorrow Scholarship
Tom Murphy Scholarship
Vern E. Clausen Memorial Scholarship
William O'Keefe Scholarship 



 For information on establishing a scholarship, click here to see a brochure or here to contact us.