Cavalier Scrip Gift Cards

The Cavalier Scrip Gift Card program is a program in which Roncalli supporters purchase gift cards for some of their favortie local and online stores and support Roncalli without spending any extra money. You can buy a gift card for full face value and use the full face value at the store. In the meantime, the store will give Roncalli a rebate on the amount of the card. It's a great way to support the school and still get things you need!

If you're looking for gifts for friends and family out of town, there are cards in their community that would fit your situation.  More than 350 businesses participate in the nationwide program we're using. 

We also have a limited inventory on hand here at the Development Office, please call (605) 226-2100 with questions or orders!  Gift cards are also sold after most weekend Masses at Sacred Heart Church and St. Mary’s Church.

Search the links below for the order form for local businesses, the nationwide list of participating retailers, information on SHOPWITHSCRIP online, and a waiver form.

Cavalier Scip Gift Card Order Form

Nationwide Scrip Participants

Information about Shopping with Scrip