Barbara Wacholz

7:45am Arrival

7:45am-8:15am Free play

8:15am- Clean up

8:25am-Circle & Learning centers

9:10am-9:30am Music/Dance/Gym


9:45am-Clean up

10:00am- Prep for home and recess

10:15am- Recess

10:30- Parent pick up

12:00-12:15pm Arrival

12:00-12:30pm Feeplay

12:30pm-1:30 Circle & Learning centers

1:30pm-Clean up

1:40pm- Music/Dance/Large motor

2:00pm - Snack

2:15pm- Clan up

2:30pm- Circle 

2:45pm- Prep for home and recess

3:10pm- Parent pick up