Barbara Wacholz

Greetings families,

A little overview of myself , I was born and raised here in aberdeen, SD. I have 9 siblings, 4 kids and 6 grandkids. I graduated from Central Highschool and went to NSU and Presentation colledge. I majored in Psychology,Sociology, and I have my Early Childhood certification. I have a medical background as well. I love learning and teaching what I have learned. I have worked with children birth through 18 years of age in some capacity or another. Such jobs as a JDC Detention officer, New Beginings center home here in Aberdeen, daycare centers, special needs one on one aid, elementary school librarian, CPR educator for familes in the HeadStart program. I love helping everyone and I take strong commitment to my families that I work with. My husband of 33 years is full time National Guard and is on his 6th deployment and my son is on his 1st deployment. We have been a military family since 1987. We lived overseas when he was in the Army and traveled and lived all over. I am very proud of them both. My daughter is getting married in October we are excited for that. My other son is a security guard and my daughter is an insurance agent. Our oldest son gained his angel wings shortly after birth. I think because of this life exsperience we understand how preciouse every child is. I want you to know that I am honored that you trust me with your most preciouse gift from God to me everyday. I am very open and approachable person , please know you can come to me with any questions or concearns anytime. I can't do this with out you and I want the best posative start to your childs future.

I enjoy church, family, friends and I love science, music and art. I enjoy reading to children and exsploring new adventures. I enjoy the beach and my flip flops! I enjoy crafts , photagraphy and Hobby Lobby! Oh and I love feeding people and decorating for parties and events!

My favorite colors are most all of them but when the kids ask me I say blue or purple. My favorite food is PASTA! My favorite drinks are coke, hot coca and sometimes tea. 

I look forward to our journey together ; May the good Lord Bless you everyday.


ARRIVAL: 7:30am

Class begins each day inside the Lil' Blessings preschool classroom. Adults dropping off their students take the children inside to sign them in for the day, and to assist in putting away backpacks and extra clothes. Students then participate in one of the morning activities.



Students have at least 60 minutes of uninterrupted time to choose an activity among the different interest areas within the classroom. As result, students develop longer attention spans and gain competency with specific tasks. 



Students join in conversation, engage in music and movement activities, listen to stories, sing songs, and participate in other whole group activities.



Teacher -directed activities occur in small groups, giving students the chance to ask more questions and allowing teachers to evaluate each child's needs and progress. This setting also gives teachers the opportunity to focus on a skill set, promoting individual learning.


*Religion: See Plan-book

*PE: See Plan-book

*Stream: See Plan-book


Teacher and students eat family style- preparing and serving nutrional food, then enjoying time together.



Students and teacher gather on the carpet to reflect on the day's activities and then prepare for recess and going home for the day.

Students will use the restroom, pack up their backpack and dress appropriately for the weather.




Students enjoy supervised, unstructured playtime on the playground. Students will have time for running, climbing, playing games and outdoor toys.




Pre-planned activities. See Plan-book

Students participate in walks to the parks, museum, and library. Students will be experiencing other community locations on our field trips.