Rose Kraft

Hi my name is Rose Kraft and I have taught at Roncalli for the past 37 years.  I have been married to my husband Jim for 44 years and we have two grown children and 6 grandchildren:  Tracie and her husband Craig with their three children Maleah, Victoria, and Zach and Josh and his wife Heidi with their three children Maddux, Addilynn, and Banksten.  I graduated from NSU in 1980 and have taught at Roncalli in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, Pre Algebra and Algebra and was Math Coach over the years.  This year I am teaching 5th, 6th grade Math and 6th grade Social Studies along with keboarding for 3rd and 6th grade.  I have taught  brothers, sisters, and many parents of my students this year.

Math Olympiad will begin in October and run through March for students in Grades 4 through 6.  We will meet  two days a month, once for practice and one for the competition.  

MathCounts is open to all 6th graders, 7th graders and 8th graders and we will meet every Wednesday or Thursday starting in September  at 7:30 in the morning in Mrs. Goscicki’s  room at the HS.  We will work until 7:55 and in time to get to 1st hour.  Breakfast will be served.  Contest dates will be listed here as they are confirmed. 1st competition at Groton Sawyer  H in 6th place for the 7th grade.  6th grade in Warner gave us 2nd place for Cason H and 4th place for Bryce.  The team of Jayden R, Faith D, Palmer J, and Beau P took 2nd Place.  Roncalli Invite is on Wed. Oct 25th.  7th Grade Team of Nic, Tyler, Garrett, and Sam took 3rd Place  6th Grade Team of Bryce, Cason, Paige, and Sarah placed 4th Place in the 7th Grade competition out of 18 teams.  Nic placed 4th and Sam tied for 6th place, Tyler placed 11th Garrett 13th and Bryce 17th out of 75 places.   The Next Competition is for all 6th graders at Holgate on November 8th.  We had a great competition.  Cason placed 3rd, Paige placed 6th and Sarah placed 8th individually out of 108 competitors.  We placed 1st as a team with Bryce, Cason, Paige and Sarah.  The team of Madisen, Jayden, Paul and Faith placed 3rd out of 27 teams.  Way to go 6th graders.  Next Mathcounts for 7th and 8th grade is Countdown Round at Roncalli Elementary on December 6th.  7th grade team of Nic and Josh A.  Zach E and Sawyer H placed 1st.  Nic, Josh, and Zach all placed 1st in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seed. What a showing! and 6th graders competing with 7th graders were Cason H , Sarah and Paige S, and Bryce F.  In January we will go to Simmons for a practice Chapter competition with our top 8 students from 6th, 7th and 8th grade at Roncalli. 

Mrs. Kraft Schedule:

prep             8:15-9:00
6K MATH     9:02-9:42
6L MATH     9:44-10:24
6K SS (TWTHF)       prep M  10:26-11:06
5A MATH     11:08-11:48
5S MATH     12:30-1:14
6L SS (TWTHF)/   prep M  1:16-1:58
3rdKeyboard (MTHF)/6th Keyboard (T)  2:00- 2:42
6HR (MWTH) 2:44- 3:15  6HR T/F 3:02-3:15


A+ 99.5 - 100% AND OVER

A   94.5 - 99.49%

A-  92.5 - 94.49%

B+  90.5 - 92.49%

B    86.5 -  90.49%

B-  84.5 - 86.49%

C+  82.5 - 84.49%

C   78.5 - 82.49%

C-  76,5-78.49%

D+ 74.5 - 76.49%

D    71.5 - 74.49%

D-   69.5 - 71.49%

F    69.49%  AND BELOW