Sandy Andera

You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.  --Dr. Seuss

     It has been a pleasure to be the K-6 Librarian for the past 16 years helping your children find books that will help them to become life-long readers.  Roncalli has been my day-time family for the past 33 years.  I would not want to be anywhere else.  Before becoming the librarian I taught 1st and 2nd grades.  Reading became my favorite subject to teach and when I had the opportunity to spend my whole day involved in helping all students to love to read, I knew the library was where I had to be.  

     I have been married to Brad for 31 years and we have 4 grown children.   Jill is a CPA in Fargo, ND, Jennifer is an inventory and marketing agent for Coke in Omaha, Zachary is an electrical engineer for a firm in Kansas City, MO and Anthony is a senior at SDSU majoring in Nursing.    

     As I listen to the voice of God and have a willingness to say yes, His plans have led me to the opportunity to teach 5th grade Language Arts.  I am looking forward to getting to spend time back in the classroom and share my love of reading with them.  



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