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Since October of 2015 the Aberdeen Catholic School System (ACSS) has embarked on a unique, robust, and energetic journey of academic revitalization securely rooted in our spiritual foundation. 

Partnering with Northern State University the ACSS has invested in a 12 credit graduate STREAM certification program and your PreK – 6th grade teachers are now STEM certified. 

Our initiative is like no other in the state of South Dakota.  In addition to this ambitious systemic K-12 professional development endeavor,  Roncalli is equiped with two new high-end, high-tech SmartLab being professionally installed by Creative Learning Systems. Click on the link and see firsthand the type of learning environment your children will experience in the classroom and the lab at the ACSS:

Our ACSS teachers are our greatest asset.  An effective school understands that success is directly related to people,  not programs.  In addition to meaningful, high quality professional development and high tech modern equipment, Roncalli is invested in keeping our salaries at a competitve level in order to attract and retain highly qualified teachers. 

You may contact Vickie Haiar by telephone at 605-226-2100, ext 123, or by email at with any questions.

2020-2021 Tuition/Fee Schedule