Staff Directory

Primary School and SonShine Patch Staff
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Barbara Wacholz Preschool Teacher
Anita Miller Kindergarten Teacher
Marlyene Buechler Preschool Educational Assistant
Pat Buechler Preschool Teacher
Ashley Brockhouse 2nd Grade Teacher
Tiffany Veal K-6 Special Education Teacher
Jayde Sechser 1st Grade Teacher
Samee Scherr Kindergarten Teacher
Tammy Kost 2nd Grade Teacher
Camille Fischer PreK - 6 General Music/ 7-12 Choir
Dona Mangan Primary School Secretary
Deb Dix 1st Grade Teacher
Laurie Zemlicka Learning Lambs Preschool Teacher
Craig Hartmen RPS Facilities Caretaker
Kristen Dolan Sonshine Patch Site Coordinator After School/Summer Program
Connie Solberg Primary Library/Educational Assistant
Stacey Weinmeister Preschool Educational Assistant
Stephanie Kline Preschool Teacher
Elementary School Staff
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Amy Griffin 5th and 6th Grade Teacher
Mark Stone Grades 4, 5, 6 -- Religion / Grade 10 -- World Geography and History
Mandy Smid 4th Grade Teacher
Terry Dosch K-6 Physical Education
Derek Larson 5th-6th Grade Teacher
Dick Salwei RES Facilities Caretaker
Sandy Andera Librarian / Reading Teacher
Caroline Kline Elementary School Secretary
Breanna Hauge 4th Grade Teacher
Pam White 3rd Grade teacher
Cheryl Kolb 3rd Grade Teacher
Kelsie Sather 3-6 STREAMLab Facilitator
Rose Kraft 5th Grade and 6th Grade Math 6th Grade Social Studies and Keyboarding 3rd and 6th Grade
Jessica Cihak 5th-8th Instrumental Music
Jr./Sr. High School Staff
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Edward Mitzel Jr/Sr High Science Teacher
Rich Dix Social Studies/PE Teacher
Patty Martin Science Teacher
Sara Vetch Director of Campus Ministry
Cherie Shishnia Theology Teacher
Billy Young Social Studies Teacher
Kimberly Carda 5th-12th Grade Instrumental Music
Bryan Locke RHS Facilities Caretaker
Jodi Martinez Spanish/Religion Teacher
Chris Uhler Campus Minstry/In House Sub
Angela Keller 7-12 Special Education Teacher
Brenda Artz Librarian
Jennifer Goscicki STREAMLab Facilitator
Stephanie Litzen English & Journalism Teacher;Theater Director
Laurie Imberi Jr. High/High School Secretary
Barb Newman Art Teacher
Skyler Vearrier English Teacher
Alyssa Voeller Math Teacher
Donna Herrick Science/AG/FFA Advisor
Guidance, Counseling and Prevention
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Jackie Braun 3-12 School Counselor
Raquel.Ball K-2 School Counselor
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Tom Hager Head Maintenence
Michala Heller Administrative Assistant
Brian Dolan Development Officer/Activities Director
Dan Unser IT Director
Becky Bonn Development Assistant
Tim Weisz President
Vickie Haiar Business Manager
Sarah Stevens PreK-2 Principal
Michelle O'Keefe Development Office Assistant
David Vetch Executive Director, ACF
Paula Florey 7-12th Principal
Peggy Freidel 3-6 Principal
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Jerome Wild web tech